Bill Bass grew up along the Texas Gulf Coast and then spent his high-school years living overseas in Singapore. While living overseas, he developed an interest in photography, traveling throughout Asia photographing unique places, cultures, and environments.

Today his photography focuses on wildlife, nature, and conservation in Texas and along the Gulf Coast, including the interface between natural and developed areas. Bill takes a photojournalistic approach to studying changes to ecosystems and habitats, and finds synergies between his photography and experience as a geographer. This approach allows him to better illustrate and communicate the importance of conservation and environmental issues to his audience. From trash and plastic in waterways, to increased development and loss of ecosystems, they are all reminders that a sustainable future is not a straight line of continued ever steady growth and development. Through scientifically understanding changes occurring in our natural environment, and photographing those environments, Bill seeks to share their importance and value with others so that we might work towards a more sustainable future. 

Bill serves as a Board Member for Bayou Land Conservancy and a member of their Ambassador Program and Spring Creek Nature Trail Stewardship Program. His work has been featured by PBS NOVA as well as local publications, and his photograph 'Blue Guadalupe’ was accepted into The Woodlands High School Art Trust collection in 2019.

Currently Bill is working on projects in and around the Spring Creek Greenway ecosystem located just north of the Greater Houston metroplex. To stay current with projects and new images, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn

For inquieres, please use the Contact Me form on the website under the Connect menu.

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