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Geographer & Conservation Photographer.

Researching, exploring, sharing the importance of ecosystems and the natural world for a more sustainable future.

I have been a photographer since high school when I started out with a film-based camera learning to shoot with just a single 50mm lens on black-and white film. My high-school years were spent overseas in Singapore (SouthEast Asia), where I traveled throughout Asia photographing unique places, cultures, and environments. Learning to photograph in those early years, with the most basic of equipment, instilled in me desire to capture images that tell a story, are compelling, and help to convey a message in a single frame.

My photography draws me to areas that are interesting and still relatively natural places. Some even in close proximity to urban areas that most don't know still exist. But even in more rural and remote areas I see evidence of the 'human impact' on our environment. From trash and plastic in waterways, to development in areas once natural and peaceful, they are all reminders that a sustainable future is not a straight line of continued ever steady growth and development.

Today, my role as a geographer and conservation photographer allows me to take a photojournalistic approach to studying changes to ecosystems and critical habitats. Through scientifically understanding changes occurring in our natural environment, and photographing those environments, I seek to share their importance and value with others so that we might work towards a more sustainable future. For if people can be more aware of their natural environment, not separate from it, they may appreciate it a little more. Then, through that appreciation, the value of conservation may be realized.

I also serve as a Board Member for Bayou Land Conservancy and am a member of their Ambassador Program and the Spring Creek Nature Trail Stewardship Program. Land trusts and conservation organizations like these are instrumental in helping to build a sustainable future by preserving our natural areas for current and future generations to enjoy. When people ask me what they can do, the answer is simple: Just get involved and lend your time, and if you are so inclined and have the financial means, please donate to organizations that are on the front lines of preserving the only planet we have to live on, Planet Earth.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find my images and stories compelling, and that you feel a bit more connected to nature and inspired to make a difference.

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