Foggy morning and fall colors on one of the many creeks along the Spring Creek Nature Trail in The Woodlands, Texas.

Supporting Land Conservation in the Year of COVID-19 and Beyond

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As 2020 comes to a close, there is a global feeling of hope that 2021 will bring a brighter future and an eventual return to normalcy. But where could one go and feel relatively safe and properly distanced from others outside our household? Enter our re-discovered local parks and natural areas. In some cases they were always there, passed by in our rush to get to work through traffic and the kids to their next activity. In other instances they may have been near our neighborhoods all along, still in search of patrons to discover their hidden value. In 2020, conservation organizations around the country kept plugging away at their missions, working with private and public land owners to protect habitats for future generations. There is still much work to protect our natural areas so they may help to mitigate flooding, provide clean water, and protect critical habitats for keystone species. In reality these projects take time, lots of planning, many volunteers, supporters, and funding. Without efforts by non-profit conservation organizations to plan and develop these natural areas in any year, there would be fewer opportunities for so many. Beyond 2020, these efforts will help us through the return to normalcy and provide much needed places to relax, reflect, recharge, and be thankful for the life we have to look forward to in the years ahead.

To view more images of the Spring Creek Nature Trail and the wildlife found on the trail, visit my Spring Creek Nature Trail project page.

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