Spring Creek Nature Trail - Bill Bass Photography

Spring Creek Nature Trail

A 13 mile natural-surface trail built by volunteers in the middle of one of the largest urban areas in the United States.

Kahneys Crossing

Kahneys Crossing

Kahneys Crossing is 1 of over 18 bridges constructed by Bayou Land Conservancy Trail Crew volunteers along the Spring Creek Nature Trail near The Woodlands, Texas. At 29 feet long it is one of the largest bridges constructed along the trail.

The Spring Creek Nature Trail is a 14 mile multi-use, natural-surface path that follows Spring Creek, and was built largely by volunteers through the leadership and stewardship of Bayou Land Conservancy. The trail is part of the larger Spring Creek Greenway, the longest connected urban forested corridor in the nation. 

I have begun photographing the landscape, flora, and fauna of this trail to help communicate the importance of preserving these natural areas and ecosystems within our region. The trail and greenway system offers stunning views, and a chance to see nature up close. From migratory birds to native wildflowers, the system has a variety of species. If you're lucky, you may even get a fleeting glimpse of a fox or coyote. All of this is within one of the largest and fastest growing urban areas in the United States.

But it isn't easy keeping these places natural. In recent years the Houston region has experienced significant levels of development, and preserving these natural spaces is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for the region. These ecosystems provide value by helping to store floodwaters, provide birds an environment in which to rest on their long migratory journeys, and provide recreational opportunities with a little peace and quiet in a fast moving world.

To learn more about the trail, visit the Spring Creek Nature Trail website hosted by Bayou Land Conservancy.

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